Silent Majority - "Life of a Spectator" 25th Anniversary Remaster

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Silent Majority wasn’t just a Long Island Hardcore band, they were THE LONG ISLAND HARDCORE BAND. Over their 10-year existence, they influenced almost everyone who encountered them. Their one and only proper full-length record, “Life of a Spectator”, was released in 1997 on Exit/Wreck-Age Records. The record weaved passionate stories of growing up in a suburban waste land that transcended any geographical limits and echo’s the musical leanings of 7 Seconds and Lifetime with that special Long Island Hardcore twist.

So many bands that later broke out from that scene owe a debt to the band. Artists such as Glassjaw, Taking Back Sunday, The Movie Life, Bayside, Iron Chic and Brand New have often sighted them as the pinnacle.

Last year, during the global pandemic, Chris Enriquez (On the Might of Princes) and Arty Shepherd (Mind over Matter), both Long Island Hardcore veterans, decided to bring some of these nearly overlooked releases back to the forefront via a relaunched Wreck-Age Records. Re-mastered and updated for 2022 on its 25th anniversary, “Life of a Spectator” can now be appreciated by both the old heads and the new generation of hardcore lovers.

“Life Of A Spectator was the score to an  important and formative time in my life, as well as many other people on Long Island. Being at a Silent Majority show was the first time I felt pride in a community of people. Everyone that they brought together at a show had a sense of connection like no other band at the time. This album was the first time I heard a band from Long Island sound like they could conquer the world.” 

Nick Ghanbarian, Bayside

“When I first saw Silent Majority at the Right Track Inn in Freeport, Long Island, NY (93/94?), my parents had dropped me off straight from my soccer game. This was my 1st time seeing them. My most vivid memory from that show was when they played Knew Song. Bouncy, melodic, perfect. Everyone who was dancing had a smile on their face and no one was getting hurt. From that moment I learned that hardcore could be whatever you wanted it to be. When The Movielife began in the summer of 1997, Life of a Spectator has just been released. Shouting along to every word, in my 1987 Jeep Cherokee with Daryl riding shotgun is how I learned to sing. Friends would joke about how I was trying to sound like Tommy in the beginning. They were absolutely right. SM paved the way for a new kind of Long Island Hardcore. In the mid to late 90’s you’d find members of Glassjaw, Movielife, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Crime In Stereo, On the Might of Princes, etc littered throughout the crowd at an SM show. Not only were we living the best time of our lives, we we’re learning from the best.”

- Vinnie Caruana, The Movielife / I Am the Avalanche

“Man, I can't believe a “Life Of A Spectator” 25th anniversary re-issue is being released already. I have so many memories of that record. I just have so many memories of all my good friends and all the guys in Silent Majority, just growing up with them and creating this awesome music scene on Long Island which they were a huge part of and when that record came out, I just knew that a legend was born that may sound cheesy but I mean it it's a legendary record it deserves to be up there with all the other legendary records you know like Fugazi - 13 songs, Agnostic Front - Victim in Pain, Quicksand - Slip, Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today… you know I could just go on and on and on because Silent Majority deserves all that respect and all the recognition. I was a big part of Taking Back Sunday believe it or not. Silent Majority inspired me musically. That record inspired me, those shows inspired, it all inspired me to push my limits cause that's what Silent Majority’s “Life of a Spectator” is. Basically Silent Majority’s “Life of a Spectator" IS the sound of the Long Island hardcore scene."

- Eddie Reyes, Founder/former guitarist of Taking Back Sunday

“I first heard ‘Life of a Spectator’ when I was 12 and had just started getting into punk and hardcore. I don’t think I realized at the time how much that record and band would shape my life in the years to come. The music is a perfect balance between aggression and melody, catchy riffs and clever structures. The lyrics and delivery are passionate and vulnerable. You believe what you’re hearing and each song is talking about something relatable. Growing up in Lindenhurst, NY, the same Long Island town Silent Majority is from, made me feel even more connected to it. When we were kids, my friends and I would wreak havoc on our town with that album blasting in the background. ‘Life of a Spectator’ is solidified as THE Long Island Hardcore album.”

- Frank Traficante, Somerset Thrower

“You can’t talk about Long Island hardcore and not mention Silent Majority. Yes, from OG’s like  Nihilistics & Crumbsuckers, to the crop that put LIHC on the map.. Mind Over Matter, Neglect, Garden Variety.. Silent Majority started out in the windstorm of that crop, and proceeded to get better and better before our very eyes. Without a doubt, I’d say Silent Majority is the very sound of LIHC itself. In the years after they broke up, the hallways of every rehearsal space I’ve ever rented echoed with the sounds of good bands that were definitely picking up the torch and running with it. But Silent Majority perfected it. It’s theirs. I’m lucky enough to say I’ve gotten to see them in every stage of progression, and “Life of a Spectator” is probably the quintessential LIHC album. If there is anything perfect about punk, hardcore, whatever you call it, it’s to be found on that album.”

- Gary Bennett, Kill Your Idols

Track Listing:

01. Taming The L Word
02. Spoken Words
03. No I'm Not
04. Top 40
05. Polar Bear Club
06. Windows Down
07. Arthur Trevor
08. No Doz
09. Happy Hour
10. Popular Opinion
11. Cross Crowded Rooms